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I like little details. And big. I have good pooches who care for me and pamper me every day.

Is there anything better than a long foot massage after a whole afternoon around with heels? How not to appreciate the gift of a piece of cloth (or more)
knowing that I will not wear it with him? How not to appreciate the sacrifice of waiting without complaining and that they receive me with a smile of happiness? What about those eyes full of devotion when they look at me?

Volunteer to be tortured without being masochistic, immediately cancel an appointment if I want to see them, put up with my whims and endure my humiliation without question, renounce a rest because I’m playful, doing a task they don’t feel like at all, swallow their pride for not contradict me

Not easy to find a good slave, train him and that he responds appropriately, but when he appears and becomes palpable that his happiness is to make me happy, no words to describe it. And when there are several beings that come into my hands …

I’m not prone to flatteries and there’s long way to go but, definitely, I am very lucky 馃檪

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