A request

I’m always busy with a thousand things and have yet to resolve many pending, but my head does not rest and continue to emerge many others I want to do.

I think I need a secretary with programming skills, or at least knowledge of construction and design of website pages, because my time not give more. If there are any willing submissive who meets these requirements and offers himself volunteer, I will be happy to expose what I want and listen to his input.

I have my website domain, but is parked and unfinished for a while now. I want to include new sections and modify existing ones. I mean, does anyone want to work with a Lady who will drive you crazy with requests and changes? lol

It would be desirable that he speaks Spanish, because it is more comfortable for me to explain in my language, but could also serve English speaking. Send suggestions to my email: crueldama@europe.com

And now there will be hundreds of reviews, but it doesn’t matter, after all FemDom is to be served in any manner whatsoever (or serve the way you‘re required), right? 馃檪

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    I will learn Espagne.

    esclavo braxton


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