I want it all

It’s not easy to submit a mind. Simple is the physical Domination (or physical submission), which everyone can reach.

But this time when all barriers fall and get the recognition and acceptance is something sublime to what not everyone has access.

It’s not something that happens spontaneously from moment to moment, but a situation that is reached after much background work, which is achieved with effort and dedication and, of course, not everyone want, seek or enjoy.

But for me it is necessary and the real reason of Domination: possess a mind and feel it mine.

We all like to play, I really enjoy myself doing it at parties and events with submissives that do not belong to me and I have great times, but for my D/s relationships I want that “something more“, the real control over my properties.

Do not tell me much that you call me Owner for a while and, as soon as I turn around, you forget who you owe. I am pleased that you know I’m your Owner, whether I am present or not, honor me in both cases and that you need to think about my approval before making a decisión.

Getting to this point of bonding and complicity doen’t take a specific time or a specific rate. Every mind is different even though all are submissive.

I can use you for a while or ignore you for a few days, but if I decide I want something from you and I let you know it, I want it now, without excuses or delays. I appreciate your genuine effort more than a bouquet of flowers that will wilt in a few days.

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    You deserve it all Your Highness!

    slave braxton


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