Discretion and privacy

I don’t exhibit my relationships to the audience, and do not need to reassert myself to all see how Dominant I am.  That those interested feel me is enough.

On the internet I love to joke, comment a couple of pictures I like or makes me laugh, talk privately with my friends and share my blogs and pictures. But I took my relations to real life, where I can live and enjoy them.

Even if the relationship I have with a slave is reduced to blackmail and is controlled and monitored remotely, that relationship is between two, not face to the public,” although it may be the case of a punishment which is exposed circumstantially.

But. even though I am a more or less well-known figure and do not hide my face, my slaves and my friends deserve respect their privacy. And I demand the same respect for me. If you have something with me and you’ll be bragging about it and telling what you must not, my trust in you disappear.

I relate to people who, for their personal situation (family, work, etc..), do not want any publicity. We all choose how we want to live and it is absolutely essential to know how to respect others.

Discretion is something we should not ignore, just as respect for other people’s property, but that is another thorny issue (which would have much to say). Personal ethics, for me, is essential.

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