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We all see newbies in social networks, forums and chats who are mocked by supposedly experienced.

It’s true that on many occasions we all are tired of reading/hearing always the same, but what I don’t understand is that craving to attack those who don’t know.

If you are not interested in somebody new, it’s easy to let him know; if you can not answer a question, admit it and recommend a page where he can inform; if your interests do not coincide with his, tell him; if he bothers you, block him.

Every day I read real atrocities in the answers that are given to those who come looking around or anyone looking for something different to what most like, maddening and constant fights in public  and complaints all over.

If I enter a page, is to see my friends and acquaintances, comment and share, not to be embittered and angry with the whole world.

Thankfully all is not thus, as there are also nice people to interact with real people it is a pleasure relate to. To them all, my smile 馃檪

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  1. These people should remember that they were newbies once!


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