Special visit

Yesterday I spent a fun afternoon visiting a friend. She is a spectacular Lady, beautiful outside and charming inside.

I went to her “cave” (as she calls her studio), a place so full of fetishism as herself, with lovely colors in leather, latex, vinyl, metal, heels everywhere, a place where any submissive (and any fetishist Dominant) feels starring in the film of his life.

But the real main protagonist will always be her: attractive, cultured, gentle manners and with whom is a privilege to share moments that always become special.

We took some very funny photos, but you will see them in the coming days. For now I upload this one, made ​​in a center terrace a few minutes before my appointment with the Lady.

Does anyone still not know Ama_Eva ? Search your dreams, sure you’ll find her 😉

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    It is not Ama Eva in MY dreams.

    slave braxton


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