People I like

I like people who don’t need to shout to make themselves understood and to be taken into account, those who have very clear who they are and don’t need to demonstrate it at every step.

I like people of easy smile, self-confident and pleasant to deal with (without artifice).

I like people with sense of humor, those who know how to give each thing the importance that has and don’t make a drama of any nonsense.

I like intelligent, honest, bold and realistic people.

I like people who care about culture, to know, to keep learning.

I like open-minded people, those who are not scandalized by things that others do, think or say.

I like many people, I am quite sociable. The pooches toasted 馃槈

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    I know somebody like this. Hmmmm I think he lives in America? I think he adores you? He thinks about you ALL the time? What was the name? Oh yes, slave buxton? No that is not it, slave roxton? no no let me think oh yes slave braxton, yes that is it, give call he might answer better than you expect



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