A few days out

Birds wake me up in the morning with their maddening trills. In those moments make me want to kill them, but I‘m getting used.

There are so much general silence that can be heard an old tractor chugging miles away, I can even see it!

I‘m in love with a puppy (four-legged) that follows me wherever I go and gives me looks of devotion, sleeping with his head over my legs on the couch and competes with the laptop for my attention.

I like this place: outdoors, walks, paddle, healthy food, nature The perfect place to disappear a few days.

The other day I commented with somebody that those who we are urbanites, although we move away from the city for awhile (and enjoy these breaks), we are too used to our cities, where we have entertainment, leisure, people, noise, shops of all kinds, people of all classes and ethnicities, movement, bustle, traffic, sound But sometimes it’s necessary to take a break.

It’s good to have time to meditate on things that haunt my mind and always postpone due to the frenzied pace in which I use to be wrapped.

Here is just needed a dungeon, but the location and atmosphere are great for outside sessions: much sunshine and endless space without close neighbors 馃槈

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    I won’t tell goober. He does not like to share. No birds here but highway noise yes.

    slave braxton


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