Who does she think she is?

I live with the prejudices of the people every day. I‘m used to be judged and true atrocities are said about me without bothering to know me.

It’s no news they smile me in public, and even tell me how beautiful I am, starting malicious whispers as son as I walk away.

But CruelDama finishes knowing it all 馃檪 There is a phrase full of rage, that gives title to this post: “But who does she think she is?”. Today I will answer.

I am a woman who knows what she does, consistent with her convictions, living the way she wants to, that speaks her mind just as she thinks (and that doesn’t mean to be rude, it is not necessary). I am an assertive cheerful woman and I always look for the positive side of all, a mature Lady with a whole life lived and a whole life to live, a woman with flaws (and aware of them), a tolerant Lady with defects of other, a friend of my friends, fetishistic, possessive, sadistic

I am all these things and many others, but you know what? I Like Me 馃檪


  1. You strike me as a woman who has a clear understanding of who she is, what she wants out of life, where her life is taking her and how she will get there. Being comfortable with your own existence, you have no need to be derogatory about others. Those who judge and demean you clearly have none of these attributes in their own lives, they are missing something, are jealous and clearly do not understand what makes those such as yourself who are in control of their lives be successful. They deserve little attention.

  2. Dear Cruel Dama,

    Who? The greatest woman on earth!!!!!!!!! It is a tough job but somebody has to do it right? (lol) And you do it very, very, very well!!!!!!



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