Back to Madrid

It has been a luxury to rest and disconnect these days, but today I return home. It’s time to bring order and resume my responsibilities.

So much to do I had not yet time to play with the new flogger Ama_Eva gave me (unforgivable leaving it at home!), I need to do some shopping, listen to some explanations, visit my hairdresser… and, of course, start organizing with NeFeR the BDSM event that will be next Friday 25 in the dungeon.

Our idea is to make the events on Saturday (provided the local availability allows it), but I think the first three will be on Friday, allthough will try that, from there, fall on a Saturday. Anyway I opened a tab on the blog, BDSM Events, to inform you about dates, topics and news, plus we’ve already created groups on Facebook and Fetlife and the Twitter account @NeferCruelBDSM.

I think it will be a move spring. I’ll love to see friends again, meet those arriving for the first time and lots of fun all, that‘s what it is.

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