The game of life

This is something I use to say, but it’s absolutely true: I am a fortunate woman.

I am privileged to have real friends, slaves that know to please me and great enthusiasm to keep enjoying them all.

Each one is responsible for how is your life because you have chosen it. It’s common to hear I have bad luck” to justify their own mistakes or bad decisions. I don’t think it’s a matter of luck, but how you play your cards in the game of your life, regardless of your role.

No one is safe from problems, of these we all have, in us is the attitude to address and resolve them. In my life many things have happened that probably would defeated others, but for me have helped to get stronger and to value what really matters.

It’s good to take a period of reflection after a particularly painful or traumatic experience, but life goes on and you have to stick with it, work to achieve our goals and enjoy our accomplishments (big or small) with those who deserve it.

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