To be or not to be

We can be visceral and, at the same time, have enough self-control to know what we do at every moment and how we channel our emotions.

Being Dominant does not mean losing your composure, do not have to do with being a screamer, not a rude or embittered woman.

Sometimes all it takes is a look to get the result we want, we can exercise power with a whisper in which are embedded a few words that trigger the urge to please us, we manage to capture the attention with a gesture, teach our submissives and slaves (each with our methods) they endeavor to provide a satisfactory service.

It is also true that there are some cases where I really enjoy a more exclusive and intense humiliation. But they are punctual cases and whenever I decide that that’s exactly what I want to do with this or that submissive and, of course, that the submissive accept my whim to give him such treatment (or he is one of my slaves, because in that case I don’t have to be groping).

But we can humiliate a submissive and lead him to a brutal excitement still smiling and without raising our voice. And I’m not talking about to call him little slut to get a sad erection, but to rummage his entrails and take him by an imaginary leash wherever we want.

The best is not to be as we are expected to be, but as we really are 馃檪

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