The Oasis Of Sado

At this point of the blog, it’s pretty obvious that I like meeting my friends, get pretty to play and meet you all.

There’s nothing like find us in real, chat, have a drink and to get nervous someone for the simple pleasure of seeing him (or her) in trouble 馃榾

I understand that many do not dare to take the step to real, others conform with stay behind the screen and most don’t live nearby, but there’s nothing like spend some time together in person and with a good atmosphere.

The Oasis Of Sado was born recently, but we already have great people that accompanies us every weekend to make another special evening of that night. Our meetings are not overcrowded and are a good meeting point for all who seek “something morein Madrid nightlife.

Tomorrow at 23:00 we will be in the dungeon. Are you ready to meet us? 馃檪

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