Trick the devil

I expect from my slaves involvement, effort, perseverance and dedication. If I see excuses instead of interest, if it’s necessary inventing a story to justify themselves, is that things fail a lot.

But there are still those who believe that the trick of feign sincerity works.

There is a marketing technique called “synthetic authenticity. It’s to show others that the object (or concept) to sell is “the real”, resulting in the consumer some sort of emotional attachment and feelings of confidence. They try we don’t assess what we really need, but how we feel about what we “must” buy.

It’s difficult for me not to realize when someone try to manipulate me. It’s desirable that those who pretend to serve me understand that I will not buy anything.

In short: if you want things to be made to your measure and not mine, it can only mean that there is not much future in your relationship with me.

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    So intelligent!!!!!!!! You are brilliant like stars in the blackest night.



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