A great weekend

This weekend I met great people: a follower of my blog who came from San Sebastián only to attend the event on Saturday (I loved meeting you, hope to see you soon), the sympathetic MistressLadyM, who came from Lisbon with her submissive, fetishistic and beautiful Gala_ and TaniaBDSM (pictured yesterday’s post) and everyone who made this night a special evening.

But I repeat what I said yesterday. I have been asked questions and I’m not characterized by go over there telling anybody’s life or who did what with whom.

Yesterday I had a flood of calls and messages and I thank everyone for the interest in private meetings of The Oasis Of Sado. Soon there will be news and will be a pleasure to share with you all. While we also admit suggestions for everyone to have fun and enjoy your abilities in the dungeon.

new week starts and we all have many things to do, but don’t forget the next event, it will be Friday 16. Every time we are more and the capacity is limited, don’t forget to confirm your attendance in the mail that you will find in the BDSM Events section.

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