Frivolity and seriousness

This spring is being warm (and I speak not only of the weather). Among slaves, outings, meetings, events and news, I start thinking about a secretary to delegate some functions.

The trouble is finding someone serious, responsible and with time enough to devote to these functions, you must pass an ordeal.

I still have not found servant/pet fixed for the events of weekends or someone to give me a hand with my website, so I’ll take it easy, that there are many proposals but not so much seriousness.

And maybe that’s one of my faults (or virtues, as interest), that I require my slaves, applicants or collaborators the same seriousness as I provide.

Those of you who already know me, know that I am a laughing and joking woman, but we must differentiate amusement of important things. You can be fun, but also responsible.

I’m having a great time in the BDSM events, but behind those carefree and cozy gatherings is a great work, just as I enjoy an intense session, but getting to it is a whole way of preparation.

You seek me precisely because I am real, serious and consistent with what you read here and it is wonderful to find the same qualities on you 馃檪

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