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When a slave behaves as if his relationship with me were already something safe and immovable, neglecting his attention to me in breach of any of these obligations he allows to think that can be judged as unimportant and installs in the comfort of knowing that he’ll see me every week, or he convinces himself that to give me a whim will be enough to overlook his faults

When the bearer of my collar considers that there is no need to give me explanations or avoid doing it because I‘m busy with a thousand other things and I will not take into account

I can be forgiving once, but that does not mean I always will be. It is not the slave who has to judge whether he is doing right or wrong, I’m the decider, who demand, who smiles or condemn.

It’s great to belong to a busy Owner, because that gives you the opportunity to relax commitments and beating around the bush until the next time I get serious.

But CruelDama is Machiavellian and observes even when it seems not realize of things.

It’s not me who has to demonstrate, I’m not the one who has to live out for you. I am the one who must be pleased, who looks askance and can fall on you with all my rage if I wish.

A collar is a symbol of ownership, but also a commitment to daily effort. I let time pass and observe reactions without dramas. It’s great they remember what they are before it’s too late 馃檪


  1. A slave does well to remember that his first thought always must be for the welfare of his or her owner and should never be complacent. The true slave derives pleasure and joy in giving to his or her owner and doing or anticipating the owner’s will. Should the slave relax or become so self- assured in his position as to neglect his duty to his owner then he needs a sharp reminder in the way of discipline. This may happen once but should never happen a second time and if it does ten the slave should be dismissed immediately.

  2. Dear Cruel Dama,

    Your collar is more valuble than winning the lottery.



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