Tragedies and joys

Our own problems seem much larger than the others, because they affect us directly. But I scare the melodrama and self-pity attacks.

Do not like your life, are you unhappy? Then do something to change it! The whining and complaining are tiring to those who support you.

Don’t expect anyone to come to solve your life. If you’re an adult, act like one. There are no magic wands to erase what you don’t like. Face your life, take a pair of balls and fight for what you want. And if you don’t know what you want, start by removing what you don’t want.

Many people, of all roles, come to me to tell me their problems. If it’s in my hand, I guide, I give my opinion and sometimes I help in some ways. But what I can not do, as some pretend, is to take charge of their lives, because I already got mine and of those who belong to me.

If we all learn to enjoy each of our days positively, taking advantage of everything that is good in each of them, tragedies would end. Even if what you like is wallow in the psychological suffering, I think it’s great, however, think that maybe others are not interested in your paranoia.

Moving on, off bitterness and psychodrama, last night I had a great time at Domina Libertad BDSM Party. Friends, acquaintances, and a great atmosphere where we were all very comfortable. The upcoming is the Oasis Of Sado one on Friday at the Dungeon of the Kings, see you there? 馃槈

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    I love my life, my home, my occupation and goober but something is missing. My Mistress, I don’t complain but I continue my search.



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