Things to do

I realize that I have been scolding several days here, sometimes directly and other in such way that only stakeholders capture the sense of my paragraphs in full.

And my blog is used for many things, for this is my blog.

Lack of responsibility of people is a fact, and although I will not change anyone (anyone who does not want to change), I confirm that I dislike so much nonsense.

But it’s Monday, a new week begins and we expect many things to live. I have to take my codline to fix (on Saturday party ended up in two pieces), solve some little problems and enjoy all the good that I’m sure is waiting for me these days.

I look forward to play with Thor, that so handsome four-legged dog that I can kidnap another couple of days. Meanwhile I’ll play with two-legged ones, because you also have to put the house in order. And I have to make a visit to someone in particular, a fellow of many adventures with who I always plan (and live) a thousand more.

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    Better to be scolded by you, than to be physically intimate with other another woman.



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