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Throughout our life we have experiences of all kinds, those we easily forget because they are not transcendental (though we always learn something of all) and others leave us their mark.

We gradually acquire social skills. There are people who get a fleeting presence in our way and others stay forever, although the contact is not constant.

And, obviously, we carry legal and socially accepted norms and moral values in our cultural context to our relationships with our FemDom and BDSM subculture fellows (although we evolve in other words).

It’s not uncommon in the community to find people with disruptive behavior, although it is a term applied to children and adolescents with difficulties and conflicts in terms of imbalances in the ability to maintain social relationships, there are many people dragging learning disabilities and interpersonal relationship problems.

In my trajectory (and I guess everyone) I found some people with great emotional deprivation and certain personality disorders who come to the community in search of miraculous panacea to overcome all evil.

Will a psychologically damaged submissive offer me a good service? Will he prepend my needs because that’s what he really wants? Or rather will he try by all means to capture my attention and be the star of a tortuous relationship? Not so how I understand a D/s relationship, I would never accept a mentally unbalanced servant. I’m not the therapist of my slaves, I am their Mistress.

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