Cruel, Lady and diaphanous

Life takes many turns. What now seems eternal and completely safe, tomorrow is smoke in the air.

I am inevitable every day more skeptical with the stories people tell me. Even with the closest.

I can’t say I’m disappointed, there are things that are seen coming and I am too old to fall into absurd and useless tantrums. Also, I would spoil my makeup and that’s something I‘m not willing 馃榾

My nick begins with Cruel and ends by Lady, although sometimes I invest the order of the two components and others I use only one of them, depending on the addressee.

I am a very clear woman, at all, but there are still some ‘slaves’ who try to do things their way to get everything they want sacrificing absolutely nothing.

If you aspire to a FemDom relationship, a real one, a truth one, the concepts are: you’ll give priority over all things to your Owner, the Mistress you serve, that she’ll know to manage your life 馃檪

For more title of Goddess people adress me, my feet are on the ground (sometimes on someone), and I am sane and smart enough to know (and make know) how I want things to be. I take into account many factors, but I can’t conceive any of my relationships being secondary in the life of any of my pooches.

You can not be a little pregnant, you are pregnant or you’re not 馃槈

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