Another party last night

Yes, finally I went out last night too, was not completely decided, but I could not lose Discolatex (a famous BDSM party in Spain) 馃槈

There was a very eclectic atmosphere with lots of friends as usual, new faces and good vibes, so I‘m glad I’ve attended and, as stated in the flyer, not wait for them to tell me.

Today I’ll recover, the maximum will be a walk in the afternoon with the bitch and have a drink at some terrace in a relaxing plan, ’cause a new week full of news, parties, good friends and lots of fun is upcoming.

It might seem that I live in a continuous party, given how much I talk about it lately, but there is time for everything: for parties, events, to laughter and to take care of those responsibilities that I don’t neglect.

Spring has come strong this year in Madrid. And next Friday the Oasis Of Sado returns to the Dungeon Of The Kings, do we see there? 馃槈

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