It is curious how we soften forms in public. Obviously, we can not go through life counting it all, as there are many people that do not share our interests. But even among us, practitioners of BDSM and FemDom, there is some wariness to talk openly about certain things.

When I meet someone new, whether that someone brags about having a great experience as if novice stated in such exercises, there are first tentative steps in which we hear what that someone wants to say about himself. But we often know more about what is not said, his timely silences, his body language and even the questions he asks (and even those that does not).

First impressions are quite revealing and influence our interest in others, although it also boasts much opening of our mind and our mood.

But perhaps because of it, you can not talk about everything with everyone. I myself am an example of rejection object of preset prejudices. Until they know me, because that’s when I hear something like: I didn’t imagine so, I follow your blog but the idea I had of you is that of a ruthless woman.

And who says I am not? 馃槈

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