I am Dominant, positive and assertive, not impassive or insensitive. Some people think I’m an unshaken rock and what I am is a woman with strong character and clear thinking. That does not mean that nothing affects me, but I have a great self-control and let you see what I want it to be seen.

I have my own parameters to catalog the important thing, the secondary and even the thoroughly dispensable, however, as a human being, I have joys and disappointments.

Yes, I am very able to make clear what I do not like, to remove from my side what bothers me and circumvent those bumps we all have with a smile on my face, but all that does not absolve me of a hard moment from time to time.

Refrain from stupidities, a Domme is not beyond good and evil, is a woman unlike any other. The bells and whistles are often wrong.

And no, I have no time (nor desire) endless private conversations in private social networks or emails do not lead anywhere. I don’t want online slaves, unless they are moneyslaves or their relationship with me is a blackmail. I don’t need any 24/7 slave, that position is not vacant nor will be. If you want to meet me in person, forget a bland coffee, you have the perfect opportunity to chat with me in person in the celebrations of the Oasis Of Sado every weekend.

I’ll end the post with a famous phrase: If I am not going to be your priority, you are not an option.

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