Let’s go to the dungeon!

It has been a very dynamic and with many news week. But it‘s the weekend and tonight‘s party in the dungeon, where we can meet to talk about our stuff, play what we feel like and meet those who come for the first time to visit the Oasis Of Sado.

I really want to rerun my codline, it suffered a small accident recently, but is now like new and ready for any action it takes. Yesterday came from the workshop of SR-Leather and I want to express my appreciation to the owners, who were kind enough to fix it and leave it even better than before. And, if it was one of my favorite toys before, I can imagine more than a few trembling when they see it in my hands again 馃榾

You guessed it, I love the spanking, painting marks and colors on the canvas of a skin, the sound of the crack of a whip, a crop, a codline, a paddle, a shovel, a flogger, a cane, my hand... to feel, to hear, to taste

But in the dungeon can do the practices that attendees wish, facilities are perfect for making suspensions, watersports, spanking on the cross, cleat, bed immobilization, foot and footwear fetishists will be in their element with FemDoms there we will. I could go on, the list of practices that lends the dungeon are endless, but obviously, if you wish to do others, there you will find the perfect environment for you to carry them out. Public humiliation, Facesitting, CBT, pet-play, mummification, feminization… or just watch the playing? Anything can happen with The Oasis Of Sado 馃槈

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