In my own way

I’m considering totally change the design and content of my new website. On one hand there are many new photos I want to include (although they are not wonderful pictures of study) and probably remove some of those appearing on the page that is working at this time.

On the other hand I think I will modify some texts and change other completely. Rereading the page that is active, it might seem I spend my life online and is not so, ’cause I distribute my time at my convenience. 

Day after day I delete countless emails that have no interest for me and, of course, I am not obliged to accept the services of anyone, the loaded with money you are. Reject applicants with juicy proposals very often (and many other absurd), because it is I who decide who I accept and what I accept.

I can be understanding and have much patience with those who start, but my patience has limits, and when they exceed that limit, it’s over. I don’t tolerate lies, play games or manipulations to make things to your liking (will be to mine or it will not be).

I don’t feel obliged to anyone, so I play who I want to, not because I have to or because I received a tax. And I love to perform many different practices, but in my Domination I decide what I want, when I want it and how I want it.

There will be not yet become clear, I fear 馃槈

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