Immaturity and rebelliousness

I feel rejection of people who declare themselves immature. This is usually the perfect excuse to hide behind in order to avoid any kind of responsibility about anything.

Don’t you think that someone with 30, 40 or 50 years act like a teenager is pathetic? You can have a good mood, play whatever, but also be responsible and serious about the things we care about.

The subterfuge of immaturity only serves to any hint of confidence vanish. This sort of people with the syndrome of emotional immaturity, usually beginning in fun, easy and carefree laugh, take everything as a joke, but it’s hard to take them seriously, because they don’t face the consequences of their actions or their words.

Paradoxically, they are afraid of rejection, being abandoned, being unloved or ceasing to be loved.

We all know of such cases, they are more abundant than it seems, but I have no patience with immature submissives, I prefer to spend my energies on those who have clear thinking and demonstrate it, in those who don’t merely pretend to be, but they need to be.

Another case I avoid is that of the rebel submissive. Who wants a stressful relationship with someone who is constantly challenging and not progressing in his training? I think it’s great it attract others, but for me FemDom is something I take with the seriousness it deserves and the responsibility it entails. FemDom is my life and, for me, my life is very important.

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