There are many opinions about the use of the protocol between Dominants and submissives and, of course, we all choose how we relate.

I like protocol, I think it is great the submissive accept and assume his place. However I am not so stretched that require it from everyone. If a male or female submissive not belongs to me, is free to give me the treatment he wants (unless we’re in an event code, which then is unavoidable) and, of course, I am free to pay attention or not, but I let know my own preference to those around me. If they show me respect from the outset, earn points to my eyes.

The squeaking is the respect treatment for some and familiar terms to other, although not all deserve the deference. And I’m not only talking about familiar form of address, but protocol in general. A Lady always observes who behaves how and those great little details speak volumes of the observed one.

There are a whole series of codes of behavior that most obviate and I don’t care many things, but if you want someone countenances upon you, I don’t think to treat her as a bar colleague is the best way to get her attention. At least it doesn’t work for me.

If during several events or private gatherings you have treated me with respect and suddenly you use my first-name basis, I assume your interest towards me is finished (as you know my preferences) and therefore mine will focus on other things. If you defend your role strongly, why don’t you act like that?

And don’t talk only about chat rooms or social networks, in which a simple nick doesn’t mean that anyone is the summum of Domination. Although everything counts.

I’ll say it again: I like the protocol, I feel it is something natural in a D/s relationship (because a D/s relationship is not based on equality, right?) And I feel much more comfortable with male and female submissives who use it. Even say more, maybe it’s another one of my fetishes 馃槈

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  1. Correct protocols are important at all times in D/s relationships both in private and in public although the terms used in public may be different. For example a slave may refer to his Mistress by her real name when together in a vanilla situation but must nevertheless continue to defer to her and show complete and total respect. The protocols serve to remind the slave of his or her position and reinforce the D/s dynamic.


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