Would be great if we were all amateurs Dommes, that all of us would have wonderful dungeons to receive you with an awesome wardrobe (that would be continually renewed magically), would be fantastic not having to pay bills or anything.

But we live in the real world, where Dominas we are real women, with basic needs and obligations as mundane as paying the electric bill, for example, wherein that Grey is just a fantasy and the vast majority of those who promise to serve forever not even have the courage to go on a real date. And those who may be presented in person expects us to fulfill all their demands in return for the pleasure they will provide us (note the irony), very limited pleasure because, of course, he is not willing to, he never would be given to, he … he is a so smart guy that wants it all in exchange for his blessed ejaculation, which is all that he finally surrenders.

If a Lady dedicates to BDSM professionally, might even seem like she is committing an unforgivable sin, when what that Lady does is live BDSM full time in her life (and the maintenance of a space, furniture, clothing and tools not born in the trees). Or partial if she chooses, that Ladies decide how they want to be their life, like others decide to stay on social networks looking for that silly girl to entertain them.

Nobody is forced to pay tribute, but neither Ladies are obliged to put up with your movie. Wouldn’t be great that we all respect others and everyone live as we damn well?

laugh when someone says we Femdoms (amateur or professional) have plenty to choose from, as not all are as I have described, but I assure you that most do.

Over a year ago in a radio interview (and this blog), I asserted that I don’t consider myself a professional properly said, however, these twists and turns of life (and I don’t hide I’ve done some professional session), I have absolutely no problem being considered as such. I’m listed in directories of professionals and, with the organization of events, my life is increasingly linking with BDSM professionally. And not only I am not ashamed at all, but I am delighted to be part of that group of Women with guts to make their life what they want! :D

Do not want a tribute involved? Very nice, but then … why do you insist? 馃檪

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  1. I enjoy my work which i would still do whenever i could afford to do it even if it was not paid for. You are only doing the same – taking your passion for BDSM and Dominance to the top level where you can be paid for doing what you would do whenever you could anyway. However, there are so called Professional Dommes who are mere actresses and do not live the lifestyle such as you do. These Dommes simply perform an act for the client who wishes to pay for them to do to him whatever will bring him to an orgasm – they essentially perform to the clients will. Unfortunately, as soon as a Lifestyle Domme such as yourself accepts tributes they become branded as professional and are confused with the ones who provide a dominating service. You do not provide a service at all, you live for your dominance. We need to generate new terminology to separate these pseudo-Dommes that go under the banner of being Professional from the lifestyle Domme such as yourself who accepts tributes.


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