Dance, damned!

It’s fascinating to watch a D/s couple when taking their first steps, when you see they hit it off perfectly and could get to build something important (although they still don’t know).

Start making plans, to organize their first encounters nerves, giggles, scares

Are you aware of how privileged we are to feel so intensely, that the more years pass we continue having those butterflies in the stomach and that our dreams are still intact.

Not everything is idyllic, of course, we all have problems in our lives, even I guess we’ve all been those streaks of temporary estrangement. But FemDom (and BDSM) is something that, if we take into, sooner or later we just return.

We can not deceive ourselves, that intensity draws us powerfully. Adrenaline jets, dopamine waterfalls, neurotransmitters playing a hypnotic dance of euphoria and the choreographer of this dance is She, the Domme, the Woman to whom you’ll uncover your deepest desires, who will probably take you much further than what you thought possible and you will give yourself headlong into if she so desire.

Some resist and indescribable experiences are lost, others succumb to desires.

Will you come to the dungeon tonight to dance with the Oasis Of Sado? I do not miss it 馃槈

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  1. Dear Cruel Dama,

    I hope, I beg, I pray for the chance.



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