Play and feel

I always say that Dominants we are all different, do not insist on treating us all by the same standard and bother yourselves to know each one, because differences are remarkable.

And exactly the same applies to submissives. No two are alike, though there are similar characteristics and needs. There is a belief (especially among Dominas that start) that we can treat them all the same, that they’ll surrender and will accept everything we feel like.

They’ll only accept once the relationship has been established, we have come a way in which we have taken our time to enter into his head, in training him, in worrying about to know his mind and study his reactions, his fantasies, his desires...

Reading and watching out there it would seem that exchanging a couple of emails and private conversations, calling him dog, putting him a collar and you’re all done. And not to disparage anyone, but … do they really believe that something like that will work beyond a few ejaculations of the collared one?

For me it is something much more serious. If I want to make a relationship work, I have to put my effort into it, my time, my energy. It should be known how far I can take him, when and how can I force a limit, when I push to become involved and work harder, how to apply a physical or psychological punishment

The only magic wands that work are of Hitachi 馃槈

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