An Oasis to live it

I am delighted. A very special guest I game and laugh a lot with  is back at home. No, not a slave or a submissive, Thor is a super nice little dog that delights me and my slave.

He will stay here a few days and I think I will pamper him. Although I am not the only one, my bitch ​​has him as a King.

Yesterday I had no time to talk about the party on Saturday, so I leave a photo of the moment, though there are more. There were lots of laughs, games and great atmosphere among all who came to enjoy the evening with us.

I’m liking the meetings of the Oasis Sado very much, also there will be news this month, next Saturday 7th we have a foot massage workshop, with David García Fernández, professional osteopath. On Friday 13th Marquess of Zas and Nefer will delight us with a performance titled Calada, which promises to be sensual, sexual and fun. And there will be more things, besides that we welcome suggestions and volunteers for each night in the dungeon is unique and memorable.

I am in The Oasis Of Sado, are you in Oasis Of Sado? 😉

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