The mocking rogue

The rogue of some submissives” is enough to write a book. Seriously, there are things that should be contained in a sort of Guinness Book of fakes.

I don’t know if because of the effects of the crisis, at the proliferation of Financial Dommes“, these rascals make their profits in the ranks of the new female recruits. They resort to something as simple as awakening InstaDomme greed and take them from Skype to networks without spending a miserable penny with gargantuan promises.

The other day one of these rogues (he was pretty funny, it must be said), asked in a group of a social network if anyone has PayPal or Amazon (showing his irrepressible desire to make a transfer as soon as possible). Well, in just five minutes there were about fifteen responses like, “Hey, you dog, my PayPal is xxxx”.

I could not help but smile, because I’m sure the rascal finished with a lot of Skype, Yahoo, WhatsApps and Kiks IDs, getting all the “humiliationhe sought from a bunch of deluded girls that sure gave him a good number of erections and some other completely free ejaculation.

He is not as stupid as he shows and, when he runs out of spree, closes that account and opens a new one to start over the round.

It’s funny watching these things, but my concept of what to be a Financial Domme and a financial slave means is very different.

I advocate a book of anecdotes, it can be very entertaining, lol

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