Truths and lies

Sometimes the interpretation of a written message is wrong, not always grasp nuances, intonation, and many other things that get lost in the lyrics, but as I say, those of us who are accustomed to constant exchanges of emails, we read between the lines. But not always the intention of writing is consistent with what we perceive.

I myself play with the minds of my pooches even writing. A morbid or warning Message from time to time puts them batteries to not lose focus on the service provided to me or to they don’t forget their place.

I have my personality and my character, although I laugh and joke around a lot, but it bothers me that someone who knows me hesitates about something I tell him, because I’m not only not get used to lie, but the lie is something that I do not tolerate. That’s where my jokes finish and let he who has questioned me find out for himself the reality. And if I find a lie or a double play, withdraw my trust in that person.

But I’m with other more playful things, tonight we party in the dungeon and can not wait it be 11 at night. I think the model position of the osteopath who will teach the chiromassage foot workshop will be fought 馃槈

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