The nights of Oasis

As you can imagine, the night was fantastic and very active in the Oasis Of Sado party. Many Friends attended and chiropractic foot workshop was very interesting (I hope that submissives took good note to expand their skill) 馃槈

There are pictures, as usual, but a little patience, that we still need to select and hide some faces for privacy.

It was a great night, but next Friday night promises to be very special. We will have a performance titled Calada (Soaked), in which the Marquis of Zas and Nefer will delight us with their original way of living a few things intensely. I warn attendees to prepare themselves for something different because there will be no censorship of any kind and I’m sure the results will be sublime.

After last night’s party I attended some of the preparations for what will be next Friday night and honestly, I’m wishing the time comes. If someone suffers from his heart, I recommend you stay in the bar waiting for it finshes, lol.

I love the nights of Oasis Of Sado are gaining strength in the Madrid night 馃檪

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