Meetings with magic

I‘m still recovering from the party on Saturday, which was very crowded and barely had time to play with those who joined us (and they were many) or make pictures; there are some of the chiropractic foot workshop and I’ll share them when they are ready.

As I said yesterday, the next Friday night promises to be great fun and also very crowded, so I have no choice but to ask you a little bit of collaboration, because I can not control the performance when needed and receive those who arrive. I‘ll be happy to accept volunteers to help on that special night in which, as usual, we’ll provide free drinks and a very affordable contribution to help venue hire and we can all enjoy the evening.

The first thing we demand at private parties from The Oasis Of Sado is respect (respect for all attendees, to installations and property of others, human and nonhuman). We love you have your best, everyone choose how you wish to enjoy and that the good vibes be the predominant note for the evening.

When we attend an event, it is best to leave the problems of each in the door (which we all have those) and get ready to have fun with in good company.

From our meetings have already left several D/s couples that look set curdling, maybe yours is the next 馃榾

I know we’re all adults and we behave, but a warning at time aboid bitter pill, and in the dungeon all drinks will be good 馃槈

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