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The outer beauty of a person is highly valued not only in FemDom and BDSM, but in society in general, and there is a tendency to forget that, besides being ephemeral, may turn out to be bland if not accompanied by something else.

Personally I’m left with that “something else” that I like more than an adonis or a very pretty female submissive whom maybe I’ll use a couple of times and cast away when I see that it is the only thing he/she will bring me.

And this comes fine to pass to the topic of “stupid mails“. Why should I care that you are the most handsome of the city or the king of the gym if you‘re going to be more concerned with how you look with your t-shirt than on me?

I find it infinitely more rewarding a sincere surrender than a pretty face or a perfect body. There are cases where both qualities are given but when I choose, I prefer the right attitude and the necessity of submission, no matter how pretty or ugly is the observed one.

However I know that most submissives” look for a beautiful Domme they can show off, ignoring many extremely interesting minds because are not accompanied by a nice exterior.

I agree that there must be some kind of attraction between those who want to start a relationship, but that attraction has to be exclusively physical?

I can be frivolous at times, but I need depth and a lot of doses of that “something else” to make things work, unless the case I mentioned earlier, that I just want to play around and have no intention of establishing a relationship 馃槈

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  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it takes insight to see through or beyond the outer layer. True beauty lies in the heart if a person and the best submissive and most beautiful one is the one that give of himself or herself freely and devotedly to their Owner with no consideration for themselves, their own needs and least of all their appearance.


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