There is a phrase from Marcel Proust that has always caught my attention: Desire force you to love what will make you suffer.

Desire is a passion that distorts the focus from reality to “what is possible”, what is desired“. Fantasy around the object of desire is invented and magnified, that desire is projected in the future, a constant anxiety of pleasurable possibilities is generated and becomes in motivation.

Desire itself causes a real pleasure and a hope to get yearned is installed in the mind. If that desire is strengthened and increased with fetishes, desire boost and that is where an emotional sadist like me enjoy tremendously, playing with that desire that I can grow or quell at my craving.

Read above, just below the title of the blog: CruelDama. Exactly, there is a very clear statement that is not there by accident: you will suffer for Me.

Nobody is forced to suffer for me, of course, but I like to be sincere. I am a physical sadistic, I enjoy giving physical pain and, although the thing stay there, I enjoy marvelously, but my sadism is not purely physically 馃檪

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