Being tolerant

Over time I have become more tolerant. Quite a few years ago there were things that angered me, and even I rejected criticizing and arguing hotly by that time my ideas and hopes of how it should be all.

I learned to open my mind and accept that everyone has their point of view, that do not have to be better or worse than mine, but it has every right in the world to be different. I learned that not everyone look for the same, not everybody want the same things and each decide how we live our lives and how we want to engage in anything.

I often joke with a friend I appreciate about our nostalgia for the Roman times, in which you could go to the slave market and restock when our properties do not provide a satisfactory service. But those days lagged far behind, although our jokes have that little point of reverie imagining how it would be reaching the square and watch the commodity available to make our acquisitions 馃榾

Jokes and carefree dreams of two responsible adults. Just that. Both are very conscious of the inescapable thing that our slaves assume and accept their service freely, we respect and will always respect the only right that a slave has today: to end their D/s relationship if they wish, although in this point everyone has their preferences, as there are contracts with clauses that indicate the steps to follow (and obligations of the slave) in case of termination.

I guess there are things that evolve naturally, but there are others that not only do not change but remain and grow stronger with the time. Being tolerant does not mean accepting everything, but respect others think or do things differently.

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