Inevitably, I can’t omit how fun the night was, how good time we had and how fun the performance was. Nights like this are what make The Oasis Of Sado takes strength to continue organizing evenings where you are the protagonists.

My thanks to all who work for the smooth running of the night (especially my protected orco and nyx), that make everyone is comfortable, cared for and look forward to returning.

On Friday 20 the theme will be Novices and veterans,” the night when those who are starting or are attracted to our subculture may bring their doubts and curiosities and veterans can offer their experience.

We will have two of my Friends, very valuable for me, Domina Psyche and Tutor, who will take advantage of their stay in Madrid to come and meet you all.

Today relax, at least in principle, since there is another BDSM party tonight, organized by Domina Libertad in Eden room; theme tonight is very attractive Psyche that for a passionate of Mental Domination like me is a real temptation. But I have not yet decided whether to go, give me time to wake up 馃榾

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