We all love that our achievements are recognized, especially when we struggle to get them. What does not cost effort, what is easily get, is not valued in the same way which has meant our consistency and our work.

When our basic needs are satisfied, we direct our goals into new areas that present new challenges and personal growth.

Whatever we seek, it’s good not to fall into the mistake of underestimating what we already have, because what has been achieved is a goal achieved and in the small details sometimes great moments of happiness are hidden.

I don’t consider myself a particularly ambitious woman, I like to enjoy every day of my world surrounded by those beings (friends and slaves) that make it all possible. But still I always find new goals in a constant personal evolution.

You all know that some time ago I organize BDSM events in Madrid with Nefer. During this time we’ve had really good with all who attend our private parties. That’s one of my recent challenges, born with the desire to socialize more with the community. And we are getting there 馃檪

The next of my goals (no parking the present one) I reserve it for now, as it still is cooking 馃槈

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  1. MMm I love to be your slave ,Mistress .


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