Personal Ethics

I could define it as the set of decisions, as individuals or persons, we take to choose good or bad choices according to the values ​​and the formation of each. But personal ethics goes beyond decisions, since our behavior, our way of doing things is implied. There is a great infuence from the sociocultural environment to which we belong, however we develop our values ​​as our personality is defined.

And exactly the same goes in FemDom. A Dominatrix without personal ethics can be a hazard to those who are in her hands.

This past weekend my Sister asked me to remove a little bit the rust of her submissives and let them in my hands (in fact I am responsible for them while she is absent, responsibility I gladly accepted at the time and I keep delighted).

My dear Sister knows she can trust me fully, so has left them in my care. And yes, I used them, they were helping during the last event and, at times, had intermittent sessions of spanking with paddle, codline and whip (intermittent because there were more people and divided my time between them and the party).

I had and have carte blanche, in fact I consider them a little bit mine (all in the family), but my personal ethics prevent me to overdo things that are reserved to their true Owner, My Sister.

It is the case of alma, the slave of a good friend, all these cases of submissive that their Dommes ask me to play with at one time or another (a collared submissive or slave is something that deserves my utmost respect, both the collar and the Owner, since I expect that same respect when I who yield one of my properties).

We are not all the same and there are always discordant notes that not only do not respect anything, but demonstrate an impressive chutzpah. But, as Owners of our submissives and slaves, we are responsible for to know whom we yield them (if we do).

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