Sometimes my posts are of the most basic and I talk about things that are taken for granted, but I still see some other atrocity out there (and I’m not talking about solely on internet) that drives me to touch those topics that are not only basic but important as well.

And no, not everyone have to agree with me on my views, my opinions and my way of doing things, but here you read me, you read CruelDama, not UltraDomme or MistressCuddles (probably you’ll find such Ladies on Facebook or any chat room).

I am proud to know where I give steps and humble enough to recognize my limitations, no one is perfect, but if I don’t agree something, try to take up the subject in a respectful way, without naming names and giving my opini贸n.

I’ve been accused of many things, but I like myself 馃榾 I’m honest, I consider myself a good person and my personal ethics always accompanies me.

I know I awake many jealousies, but that I don’t lose sleep. I don’t seek acceptance from anyone, but I like to be recognized and respected by those I care.

I offer this free space to which anyone can access daily with content for which I don’t absolutely charge any fee and involve my effort every day (that is not always easy to choose a topic, develop, translate and share on all social networks) and my time.

I am no prophet at all. I am a Domme who enjoys her life and puts her bit in spreading these things I have inside and I am passionate about.

To be a Financial Domme is not a stigma to hide. I am not ashamed of my fetishes, but boldly declare of them openly. Do not persecute anyone, I don’t need to convince anyone of anything.

Nothing more satisfying than being myself, accept myself, assume and delight in my paraphilias and live in the way I really want to 馃槈

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