The Cruel arrogant

Last night someone told me that, reading my blog, it shows that I am very understanding and approachable. And yes, I am, I will not deny, but depends on to who, ’cause I am also arrogant, humiliating and direct. As in my first website, for example, because it is focused on other recipients.

I don’t give the same treatment to all my slaves, just as I don’t spend the same treatment to all the people I know: some are my worms I want to see grovel before me and wake my sadism, with others I maintain a more affective and close relationship and I never cease to be myself.

You need to balance this duality that we all have and know when to apply one thing or another to whom.

Do not be deceived, not all submissive and slaves want the same thing. The one who needs to be humiliated not seeks my understanding or my sympathy, but all my cruelty 馃槈

It may be the case that there is no coincidence between what a submissive looks for and what he inspires me and, in that case, no agreement is possible, for I will not adapt myself to his wishes and, if he pretends to get being at my feet, he’ll can not do it for long.

It’s not easy to build a relationship in which the components are complementary, but that is not easy does not make it impossible, and when it happens, the experience is brutal.

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