Visitors arrive!

It’s been a week, between one thing and another, I don’t stop too much. Not a complaint, mind you, I’m very lucky to do what I want and I am well aware that not everyone can say the same.

But if the week is being activated, the weekend will be much more. Tomorrow is the Oasis Of Sado BDSM party, I guess you all know, but not only that, also come to Madrid two good friends that look forward to meeting, two perversions fellows that, every time they visit me, we finish exhausted, without sleep for a couple of days and happy of life.

We meet more or less every three months, and although we are together online every day, joking and telling our stuff, there’s nothing like being together in person, play together, die of laughter and sharing those moments of confidences and talks that can be lengthen for hours.

I tell you because there will be no large posts during the weekend, at most a couple of pictures of the moment, as I will be extremely busy 馃榾

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