Practices and time

Is rather curious to listen (or read) conversations between members of the BDSM community when they boast about the time they take “exercising“. The one who does not claims to take over 20 years, it is because he takes 150 (I think this is like when two males compete tosee who has the longest cock“).

I spent a few years but is not an issue to put on the table because, although the experience is a plus, I don’t think that 30 or 100 years suppose that I know everything, because I have a lot to learn and even more to enjoy. Also, chatting with new generations, sometimes I am surprised that at very early ages they have things so clear; Well, I talk about some cases, there are also other bleeding (and by this I do not mean games with blood) 馃槈

Lately I get to say I’m new, even in a chat recently an illuminated on duty told me that is noticed, so I asked politely to see if he could give me some guidelines to see if I managed to integrate myself (and he didn’t grasp the irony).

Anyway, chat stories aside, tonight The Oasis Of Sado group will be in the dungeon from 23:00, where there will be some of those not too common practices on events and are often interesting. The theme tonight is beginners and veterans(those starting and those who are in BDSM from about 200 years ago, lol). A touch of humor is always welcome.

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