Spanking on Saturday

With stiffness and even with a slight aphonia, but I’m back happy from weekend. Many laughs with good friends, with whom there is an impressive affinity and with whom it’s a pleasure to share so many things.

Party sessions, walks, confidences and even a visit to, where we could admire many things of those that we love and even fell into the temptation to buy two underbust corsets. I recommend the store if you are in Madrid or you have planned to come here.

BDSM is cheering in Madrid: shops, events, parties, gatherings, great people and lots of fun. Like next Saturday with The Oasis Of Sado in the dungeon, where we will be immersed from 23:00 in the theme of the night: Spanking.

Come and enjoy with your favorite toys, bring your floggers, crops, paddles, codlines, whips or whatever you most want if you are a Spanker, your skin if you are a spankee or just your person if what you want is to spend a nice evening in good atmosphere.

Of course, in the facilities of the dungeon you can do many other practices besides spanking and we love everyone to have fun the way you feel like 馃槈

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