My valuable time

I can’t deny I‘m flattered. Are many messages that you send me by many different channels (though I can not answer them all). It is very gratifying that my daily work here reaches so many people and I feel great knowing that my blog has such a good reception.

There will be changes, like to eliminate those blogs I’ve linked and are not doing the same with mine, like to link others who have done it and I was unaware of it (let me know to include you).

I keep updated on the BDSM Events tab, where I go uploading the photos of each pass party and announce the next one, but there are other sections that, for lack of time, still have not tweaked and is one of my pending subjects”.

And all comes down to it, a matter of time, that so valuable time I attempt to squeeze as much as possible. But there are priorities in my life, although I try to share such time I have available, because CruelDama is a FemDom who shares many things and who lives others that doesn’t want to park.

I’ll continue building my blog and telling you these things that seem you like reading, but note that I am not an omnipotent and omniscient Goddess, but a real Dominant Woman, with my virtues and my flaws, my smile and even with my lack of time 馃槈

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