Put simply

Although sometimes pretend to be silly, I’m not. I realize many things and not say anything, process and keep them to no make concessions to those who do not deserve.

And I leave it there for those who want to pick 馃槈

I don’t lose my smile easily. There are so many things that make me happy that I don’t let nonsense make them shade. However I am so against hypocrisy that, when someone fails or annoys me, is noted, though always try to be diplomatic.

And this has nothing to do one role or another, beans are baked everywhere, aren’t they? 馃檪

I don’t like dramas or ruminate insults and rudeness because, as I said yesterday, my time is too valuable to waste with things (or people) who only bring negativity.

Time just putting everything in its place without the need to waste my energy with things that no worth. Furthermore, I refuse to live bitter and give importance to things or people that I can do without. But never forget my first sentence: although sometimes pretend to be silly, I’m not 馃槈

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