The game of life

Seems it’s going to be a great week, full of activities, events, festivals and attractions throughout the city. Care Events BDSM section, The Oasis Of Sado we also celebrate next Saturday.

But, as not all are parties, ’cause we must also attend to everything else, there will be times when I will have to be serious these days.

And I really am, even though you always see me laughing, smiling and joking publicly. But one thing is leisure time in which we all have fun together, and another is the rest of the time that I have fun on my own in many different ways (including being serious) 馃榾

Week starts and I know that more than one will be nervous waiting for guidelines. Have ye all well behaved or expect occasional consequence of something? (I think there will be more fun than I thought).

Have to sort some things out and make some decisions, but even with the seriousness they deserve, are things I love to do 馃槈

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